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I just came back from Miami/Florida, one of the battle-ground states, where I saw Obama again holding an extraordinary speech. Obama was talking about the usual topics such as the war on Iraq, the financial crisis, all the things the Bush-administration hasn`t been able to cope with.

The Democratic candidate is not all about politics - it seemed that he`s closer to pop-culture than any other candidate before. The supporting programme came up with various celebrities, that might especially encourage first time voters to go to the elections, like from the Black Eyed Peas who performed his anthem "Yes we can" live on stage (see video below).

Let`s see if he really can do it on the 4th of November.  

15.11.08 11:25

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Carry (18.11.08 16:19)
Obama is damn hot :-D

(19.11.08 12:04)
Obama is the new POTUS !!! I can't wait to see him moving in the White House!!! Hopefully, he will use his 4 years to solve some of the big problems.

(19.11.08 21:51)
I wrote the last comment Kristin

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